Friday, August 25, 2006

This is encouraging.

Has Lanny Wolfe repented? He no longer has a gay church website. Instead, he is featured as a professor of music at a Texas Bible college. He and his ex-wife Marietta actually performed together lately at a Jackson College of Ministries reunion. Is she supporting the gay movement, too, or has he recanted?

Former members of the Lanny Wolfe Trio are pictured here with Dusty Wells, Senior Director, National Sales for Word Entertainment. L-R: Gail Elledge Kreason, Dusty and Lori Lewis Carouthers.

On this April evening in Nashville, The Lanny Wolfe Trio sang many of their
big songs, much to the delight of those in attendance for the reunion. Pictured L-R: Gail Elledge Kreason, Lori Lewis Carouthers, Marietta
Webster, Dusty and Lanny Wolfe.

Dusty presented Lanny with an award honoring his work in Gospel music and his tenure and contribution to Jackson College. Pictured L-R: Mareitta Webster, Dusty Wells and Lanny Wolfe.

The Lanny Wolfe Trio performed for the Jackson College Alumni Reunion. Picture L-R are: Lanny Wolfe, Lanita Wolfe (his daughter,) Marietta Webster and Dave Peterson.

Lanny Wolfe is one of Gospel music’s most prolific writers. The music of the Lanny Wolfe Trio has reached around the world to touch the lives and hearts of thousands of people for the Lord. You will remember “God’s Wonderful People,” “Greater Is He” and “More Than Wonderful” among the many songs Lanny has given us.

Dusty Wells, Senior Director of National Accounts for Word Entertainment shared with us a very special “by invitation only” event held recently in Nashville, Tennessee. This inspiring evening took place on April 22 at the Wallace Chapel of Christ Church and was part of the 2005 Jackson College of Music and Ministries Alumni Reunion.

Jackson College has produced such noted song writers and performers as Lanny Wolfe, Geron Davis, Phillips, Craig and Dean and Karen Harding. Lanny was the Dean of Music at the Jackson, Mississippi College for many years, leaving the position about ten years ago. The annual music conferences he conducted at the college impacted many music students over the years and many of those students were in attendance for this evening.

This evening paid tribute to the individuals and groups who graduated and moved on to use their talent to spread the Gospel. Those privileged to attendance this Friday evening enjoyed a “singspiration” featuring many of these singers. Geron Davis and Kindred Spirit, Mark and Lori Carouthers, The James Shockley Trio and Gail Elledge Kreson were among the many singers who shared their talent and reminisced about their years at the school.

The Lanny Wolfe Trio was among those performing. Geron Davis Emceed this part of the program and spoke of the many miles the trio traveled around the world, doing concerts and making music. He also noted the many awards the trio received.

Geron brought Lanny and several former members of the trio to the stage to sing. This included Dave Peterson, Gail Elledge Kreason, Lori Lewis Carouthers and Lanny’s daughter, Lanita Wolfe.

A very special highlight of the evening came when Geron asked Lanny, his daughter and Dave to one last song. They began to sing “Surely The Presence Of The Lord Is In this Place,” and when the second verse began, another voice joined the singing; that of Marietta Wolfe Webster. Marietta, Lanny’s former wife and Lanita’s Mother, was an original member of the Lanny Wolfe Trio and they had not sung together in more than twenty years. The audience quickly responded with a standing ovation, urging the group to continue.

The group sang some of their big songs, including “God’s Wonderful People,” “The Sounds Of His Coming,” “More Than Wonderful” and “Something In The Air” much to the delight of all in attendance.

Dusty Wells honored the work of Lanny Wolfe with an award recognizing his many years of service at Jackson College, as well as his faithfulness to his many fans and friends. More than 500 alumni and special guests were privileged to take part in this awesome evening, and will remember it for a long time to come. Dusty shared several photos for our readers and we hope you enjoy them!

Written by Sandi Duncan Clark

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