Friday, August 25, 2006

Lance Appleton

Looks like Lance Appleton is still going strong.
I remember him for his song:


I’m a one-God, apostolic, tongue-talking, holy-rollin’, born again, heaven-bound believer in the liberating power of Jesus’ name.
I’ve been washed in the blood, sanctified by the Spirit.
I believe in holiness, and I suggest that you do the same.
I was set free at a Pentecostal altar on my knees.
Would you pardon me if I’m not ashamed
To be a one-God, apostolic, tongue-talking, holy-rollin’, born again, heaven-bound believer in the liberating power of Jesus’ name?

I never talk to people on the street.
I’m too shy to talk to people when we meet.
But one day out on town square
Bunch of kids were gathered there
Throwin’ beer cans at the law and shoutin’ “Peace!”
Well, I did not intend to interfere
But someone started screamin’ in my ear
So I laid both hands on his head, and I prayed while he turned red
And the other kids said, “Let’s get out of here!”

I never testify at school. I figure they’ll think that I’m not “cool”
But one day I had enough of that evolution stuff
So I stood right up and said, “God’s word is true!”
My teacher did not know what to do
It seemed like she was shakin’ in her shoes
Though she knew I meant no harm, she took me by the arm
And said, “Son, what religion are you?”

I never testify at work, I figure they all know I go to church
But when my boss-man asked me in for a tonic and some gin,
I began to think, “Perhaps he hasn’t heard.”
I said, “No, Sir, I am not the drinkin’ kind.
Excepting for a thing they call New Wine.”
As he lost his cigar smoke, it seemed like he would choke,
I proceeded to explain it one more time.

During his 30 years of ministry Lance Appleton has written over 200 songs. Many of these have been recorded and now for the first time are avaliable for purchace on the World Wide Web.

Since then both of Lance Appleton's children have continued the songwriting tradition and recorded albums with their own original songs. Eric Appleton (Right This Time) in 1998, and Crista (Appleton) Garza (House of Prayer) in 2001.


Unknown said...

I love Lance Appleton, when my children were small I would take them to Christain life center in stockton, ca and he would be there and I bought couple of his tape and I never went back but I remember one tape was orange and I can't remember the other. I came back to church about 8 months ago and now my daughter who is 17 has been baptized and filled with the holyghost and one day I told her remember lance appleton the one who play those songs from the orang tape and she said yes I wish I could remember the songs but it's been a long time help me out anyone remember and where can I get one again.

Jill said...

Go to his website referenced above for his music. I have one of his records. I will be singing this song today at Sunrise Baptist Church by request.