Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Scrapbook of Life

Every summer I go through all the papers and memorabilia I’ve collected all year and make a scapbook of Josiah’s unschooling year. This is always an enlightening event, not to mention time consuming. It’s nothing fancy, just a looseleaf notebook with protector sheets stuffed with pages of game talleys, trip plans, artwork, letters and cards written and received, songs and poems penned, and other scrapbook novelties like ski-lift tags, subway tickets, and baseball cards.

I also try to keep lists of books and videos we borrow and rent so I can keep track of what all he’s imbibed mentally. I’m sure it’s nowhere near exhaustive. He comes across stuff I’m not even aware of.

I also try to list all the new skills he’s learned, equipment he’s learned how to operate, games he’s played, events he’s participated in, groups he’s been a part of, places he’s performed, and lessons he’s taken. Whew!

He’s a busy boy. There’s not much to show paper-wise—he rarely picks up a pencil. But he sure does cram his brain (and his laptop) with data.

I pray the Lord will guide him in the paths he should go and will help me to facilitate his walking those paths.

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