Thursday, August 24, 2006


My blogger is not posting pictures properly. That's the reason for the lack of color lately.

So I will just ramble about what I've been up to. Virgil and Josiah have been camping out of town working on his sister's house all summer, in between concrete jobs. I helped them a little one day this week, picking up the concrete and throwing it into the Bobcat to be dumped into the dumptruck. I've been doing some fall housecleaning in preparation for back to work at the after school. Back to work also includes doing some shopping for the after school. I love that part of my job. I've also been spending some much-deserved time with my daughter and grandchildren.

Yesterday we went shopping for their school clothes. They're starting preschool at a Christian School. It's hard to believe Kylie will soon be 4 years old. She helped pick out a cute little blue dress, tried it on, and danced like a princess in front of the mirror in the dressing room while Luke looked under all the doors for his Mommy (he'll be two years old in December).

We walked down to the creek while Amber got her hair done. They had to plow through the mud to get to the creek, because the water was low. They didn't like the squishy mud between their toes, so we just rinsed off and put our shoes back on.

Kylie has lots of questions. She's into science right now. We had discussions about plant and animal life, and she was full of "why?"'s. Why does the snail leave a sticky track across the sidewalk? Why don't you like to eat the nuts off the ash tree? Why does the sidewalk stick up and crack beside the big maple tree?
All the while, Luke was picking up sticks, hitting the sidewalk with them, making friends at each house, climbing all the steps, and going up and down all the ramps.

They sure do entertain whoever they're with. Too bad they're not closer so they can entertain me more.

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