Saturday, May 21, 2005

Journal and Pictures for May 20, 2005

It's a beautiful day. I got up to pack Virgil's salad and get him off. He's volunteering with a Construction Club from Hocking College to do some work near Lancaster. I think it has to do with Habitat for Humanity. He'll be back by noon, but I have to go to the Farmer's Market to pick up some lettuce. We called Ed yesterday, and he'll have it all boxed up and ready to go--including 14 head of lettuce, a large bag of spinach, and 4 pounds of chard--all for only $20!

I made chili yesterday. I had the tomatoes thawed out and the beans soaking overnight, so I then ran the tomatoes through a colander, pressure cooked the beans for 10 minutes, added onions sauteed in olive oil, fresh pressed garlic, and chili powder, and heated it in the crock pot.

Yesterday, Megan came for her tutoring session. I had a page of her Banned Book project typed up for her, and had the corrections done on her report on the Civil Rights Movement. Then I typed up a presentation she had written, and we worked on her Banned Book project folder some more. She is a Senior and just has 3 days left. Good Luck, Megan!

While Megan was here, Virgil and Josi were out delivering a couple loads of gravel to a couple neighbors. Virgil got stuck up in a driveway because he made the turn too sharp, and it took them and several neighbors 4 hours to get it out. I guess the driveshaft broke or came loose, so they had to take the other (old) dump truck to pull it out. The local towing company wouldn't even touch it.

When they came in, they were starved and ready for the chili. We had to cancel our singing engagement at the nursing home--it was too late. So Josiah watched Sandlot 2 for the third time, while he ate grilled cheese. I helped Virgil with his Technical Writing--a report on driveway construction. We snacked on some watermelon, and I read Josiah a Bible story before sacking out.

My leg looks much better today, though it still aches some from the accident. It's not as purple. We'll go to my mom's this evening. Josiah and Eric, my brother, like to play music together. I've got to finish typing an outline for Virgil, and email his Driveway report to his online teacher.

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