Monday, May 23, 2005

Beautiful day

We had a great weekend. Josiah and I went to the farmers market Saturday to pick up some lettuce, and then on to meet Amber at the flea market. We looked around a while at the antiques, and then I took Kylie back home with me.

Yesterday, we went to Sunday School. Kylie sat on my lap while I played the piano.
For Sunday evening service, I brought my digital camera and Kylie took some pictures. Then she fell asleep on my lap while I played the piano. She loves to sing Jesus Loves Me, but I can't get her to sing at church, yet. She'll be three the end of August.

As I type, our Walker Coonhound is barking. Rosey has a coon treed in her doghouse. Yes, you heard right. The dog house is tall enough for Josi to walk into. It has an automatic dog feeder inside it. I guess the coon came in for a snack, and Rosey treed it.

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