Friday, May 27, 2005

Family Trip

Wednesday, my mom, Josiah , and I took my grandmother, Mommo, to Walmart.

She did so well. We just put her walker in the shopping cart, and she pushed the cart. When we got to the pharmacy to get a toothbrush, we rested on the bench and talked. She was so happy to get out for a while. I hope she's not too sore from all the exercise.

Virgil got a job with the school bus garage as a substitute bus driver. He starts today driving a full-size bus to pick up some kids and take them home. He'll be doing a lot of weekend driving, taking deaf kids to school in Columbus on Sunday and picking them up on Friday.

Josiah is spending a few days with my mom. I hope he's not driving her crazy. He likes for people to do things with him and feed him constantly.

A friend who hunts on our property brought his small tractor and plowed our garden for us. I gave him a quart of honey.

Virgil has some work to do on his dumptruck and some gravel deliveries to make when he gets back from the bus trip.

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