Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Spinach question

Here's the Hallelujah Acres response to the Spinach question:

THE E. COLI - SPINACH SCARE When news first broke that bagged spinach had been withdrawn from supermarket shelves across America following an E.coli outbreak that had killed 1 person and sickened 150 others, Rhonda and I had just purchased, that very day, a 1-pound container of Earthbound Farms organic SPINACH. After hearing the warning, that evening for supper we took a huge handful of that spinach we had just purchased, and had been warned not to eat, out of it's container, added to the other vegetables making up our salad that evening, and ate it - and we did it without any fear of potential harm. You may ask: Why would you not be scared to death to eat it? My answer: Because both Rhonda and I are on The Hallelujah Diet and supplement with probiotics (friendly bacteria). Though The Hallelujah Diet will not make a person immune to all germs, viruses and bacteria, the diet will, in most instances, protect a person from most of them, and if the body does react, it will be a mild reaction. Let's consider the subject of E.coli, an unfriendly bacterium, for a moment: Every year in America, according to the CDC (Center of Disease Control), E.coli causes some 61 deaths, and sickens an estimated 73,000. And according to the CDC, the CAUSE of these outbreaks is contamination coming from ANIMAL sources! So wouldn't it be reasonable to ask: Why does 1 death caused by eating contaminated spinach from 1 field in California result in ALL spinach being removed from restaurant menus and store shelves, and yet when an E.coli outbreak occurs from contaminated animal product, there is no such general recall? Friends, whether we realize it or not, there is a war being waged against those of us who want to eat healthy. Some groups are already trying to use this E.coli/spinach issue to discredit organic farming practices and organic food. If you remember, it was only a few years ago that as a result of just 10 people being infected with E.coli from unpasteurized (raw) bottled juice, the sale of unpasteurized juices came to an almost screeching halt. The next thing to look for in the war against those of us who want to eat healthy, will be an effort to irradiate all fresh produce in order to kill potential contaminating bacteria, not so much for the purpose of protecting the consumer, but rather for the purpose of extending shelf life, resulting in increased profit. Friends, the Genesis 1:29 diet that God gave His human creation there in the Garden of Eden, was a 100% raw diet! Our bodies thrive on raw food, and slowly breaks down and dies on a diet of cooked, pasteurized, and irradiated foods. Finally, let me explain a little bit of the reason why Rhonda and this editor had no concerns regarding the eating of that organically grown spinach the day the warning of E.coli in spinach was issued. God designed our bodies to contain a ratio of about 85% friendly to 15% unfriendly bacteria in our body. When we eat a basically raw diet and supplement with a good probiotic to keep our immune system strong and our friendly bacteria in proper proportions, the friendly bacteria will overwhelm the bad bacteria, such as E.coli, and thus the bad E.coli bacteria will be unable to multiply and harm us. ___________________________________________________________

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