Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here's a song I wrote for Josiah:

The Boy in You

Though you’re growing up, changing into a man,

New manly ways you’re learning, like how to win her hand,

I’ll never stop believing in the boy I rocked to sleep.

Your lock of hair, the toothless grin, they’re all mine to keep.

Reminders of your childhood spark my reverie,

Memories of you playing, tousled and carefree

Marbles, balls, and skateboards, bikes and model cars,

Help me to remember, you’re a child at heart.

God sees the child in you, the babe I held as mine.

Though life’s trials harden you, Grace will smooth the lines.

Don’t ever grow too far away from God on bended knee

That you can’t hear your mother say, “You’re God’s child, I can see.”

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