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Dear Jill,

I hope you don't mind me asking you some health related question. I considered
going on the Hallelujah Diet about a year ago. I haven't really done it,
although I have made some attempts. I tend to be kind of "all or nothing" and
that makes it difficult for me to stick to.

Our family isn't exactly on the SAD because we live in Asia and our diet has
changed somewhat accordingly. We eat less meat, but still some, and more fruit
and vegetables.

The diet, as I've read about it, says organic is best and Barley Green is
important. Since I can't really do either of those, I wonder how effective it
would be to become a vegan/vegetarian.

Please give me your thoughts.


Here's my reply:

Hi, Jayme, nice to hear from you.

I have done extensive research on health and nutrition, and have used my body (and the bodies of my family) as guinea pigs for my research.

I have found that, as long as I consume mostly raw fruits and vegetables in combinations that are pleasing to my taste and not detrimental to my body's wellbeing, I am very comfortable with just a fruitarian (mostly raw fruit and vegetable) diet.

I don't always take my barley green, or my B-12 and digestive enzymes, which is recommended by the Hallelujah diet. Although I think the Barley green helps, I believe good health and healing can be achieved through a fruitarian diet. If a person is already healthy, eating just fruits and vegetables in their natural state raised organically in a rich environment would probably keep you healthy. Since I was raised on the SAD diet, my body is deprived in various ways, and needs extra nourishment to heal. We juice carrots and celery every other day and I take digestive enzymes with cooked food. I try to avoid grains entirely as I have digestive problems when I eat them (leaky gut). An occasional egg will fix any B-12 problems I develop.

If you find you can't stick to the diet entirely, make a gradual change to strive toward a mostly raw food diet. Gradually, your taste buds will adapt, the raw food will taste better, and you won't need the salt and sugar to season it.

I find when I crave chicken or chips, I am craving natural sodium and healthy oils. Try lots of celery (juicing is handier), and more nuts. Avacodos are good for fats if you like them.

I strongly encourage you to eat a mostly raw fruit and vegetable diet, with little or no cooked food. Anything cooked is used mostly for carbohydrates, and is hard to digest. Your body is just going to crave something more--in a raw state so that maximum nutrition is derived from it.

I strongly encourage you to juice vegetables to give your digestive system a break and speed up healing.

The white poisins are: sugar, flour, salt

Avoid caffeine, chocolate, nicotine, and alchohol
Avoid preservatives, sodium nitrates, msg's

You will feel 20 years younger, and have much more energy, need less sleep, never be sick.

It works!

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