Wednesday, August 10, 2005

An Amazing Testimony

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"The following is a testimony by Adele Thomas, who lives in
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia:

'I was a very active 47 year-old who loved walking and
riding my pushbike. I always preferred to ride rather than
take the car. I was very actively involved in community and
church activities. I also worked full-time in a Nursing
Home. Our home was always full of friends for meals and I
enjoyed cooking for those less fortunate than me. I simply
enjoyed life to the fullest. I had lived in a third-world
country for five years with my husband and two teenage
daughters. We saw and cared for many folk suffering with
various diseases. I always had a heart for these dear
people, although I had never really experienced any major
sickness myself. But that was soon to change.

'In January 2001 pain struck my body with searing force
and my muscles began to ache continuously. I lacked energy
and I eventually became as weak. I did not have the
strength to hold a coffee cup to my mouth and chores that
once were undertaken with gusto became impossible to
perform. Each morning I would pull myself along on my
bottom on the polished wooden floor to get to the bathroom
so I could sit in the shower and allow the hot water to
thaw me out and give some relief from the pain. My vision
was becoming blurred and I could constantly see black spots
before my eyes. Signs of depression were also setting in. I
no longer could perform my role as homemaker, wife and
mother. I had to give up caring for those elderly people
who so desperately need the help and care of those who
genuinely love working with the aged. I was slowly being
robbed of my vitality and it seem"

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