Tuesday, June 07, 2005

On the Job

Yesterday I started work at an upholstery factory. I never even had an interview, they just called me to come in, and when I did, they started training me.

I had to make two practice pillow covers from heavy duck material. The second one had a cording around it. They both had zippers. They liked my work, so they started me on the real thing.

I got three pillow covers done before time to leave. The velour was the hardest to work with as it had a rubberized backing.

I think I will enjoy working there because of the nice machines--sewing, serging, quilting.
I love to learn new things.

It was hot, though. They don't have air conditioning. Just a lot of fans.

Today I made 5 pillow covers. Practice makes perfect.


Anonymous said...

This is my first trip to the granny who has lost her rocker. This is from her cousin that really can't remember if she ever had a rocker. Should we all expect pillows for Christmas this year.

# 1 cousin

Jill said...

Actually, I probably will hate making pillows so much by Christmas that I won't even want to sleep on one.