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Autism link to vaccinations

This from a newsletter I received from Hallelujah Acres:


Ever since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning in 1992,
this editor has been warning of the dangers of
vaccinations, and discouraging their use! Some have
appreciated this warning and taken steps to avoid them,
while others have sent me scathing letters of criticism,
sometimes going so far as to call my teachings criminal,
and warning me of the potential dangers I was imposing upon
those who heeded my warnings. However, I have never backed
down from issuing these warnings for two very good reasons:
One was because of what the Bible had to say concerning the
matter, and second, because of what my research had

In the book of Leviticus, Chapter 17 and verse 11, the
. . ." My reasoning was, if "the life of the flesh is in
the blood," we ought not put poisons into that blood, or it
could affect the life of the flesh! And I knew from my
research, that all vaccines were full of poison, and that
introducing poison into the blood system, especially the
blood systems of young children, could potentially do them
great harm. Because of the Bible's teaching, my beliefs,
and research, I commissioned Michael Dye, who co-authored
"God's Way to Ultimate Health" with me, to write a book
exposing the dangers of vaccinations. This book,
Hallelujah Acres in 1999.

In the FORWARD to this book, this editor wrote in 1999:
"If you could sit where I sit and hear the horrible
tragedies that have occurred in family after family as a
result of vaccinations, you would better understand why I
asked Michael Dye to research and write this book. In
today's society we have been programmed by our political
leaders, drug industry, and medical community to think of
vaccinations as something that is good and necessary -- and
we have believed them. In fact, we have come to believe
that those who oppose vaccinations are evil people who do
not love children. But have we been told the TRUTH
concerning vaccinations. Are vaccinations good for our
children (or even adults), or is there another side to this
issue? Another side that is extremely evil and sinister,
one that most people have never heard? . . ."

I encourage every subscriber of this Health Tip to get and
information it contains could potentially save your life or
that of a loved one. Or it could possibly prevent lifelong
disabilities that are often experienced by children, and
even adults, who receive vaccinations. Interestingly, way
back in 1999, this book tells us on page 90, under the
that vaccines are a CAUSE of AUTISM! But we did not have at
that time, the documentation or complete knowledge of why
AUTISM was caused by these vaccines. If you are interested
in obtaining a copy of VACCINATIONS, DECEPTION & TRAGEDY,
call Hallelujah Acres at (800) 915-9355 or (704) 481-1700.
In Canada call (519) 935-9999.

Now, it's the year 2005, and thanks to the research of Dr.
Russell L. Blaylock, we now know the reason vaccinations
CAUSE AUTISM! Dr. Blaylock publishes the monthly journal,
THE BLAYLOCK WELLNESS REPORT. This editor is a subscriber
to that publication. The Blaylock Wellness Report is
published by Christopher Ruddy and subscriptions are
available at

In the May 2005 Issue of this report, Dr. Blaylock
addresses the issue of AUTISM: THE SILENT ENEMY. Last week,
in this Health Tip, I shared some excerpts from this
Report. This week, I continue sharing from this report. But
before I do, I want to clarify something not shared in last
week's Health Tip: There was a small amount of AUTISM,
possibly not related to vaccines that appeared before the
sharp increase in the number of vaccinations a child
received. This report by Dr. Blaylock relates vaccines to
the explosion of autism as seen today, and not to the small
amount of autism that existed prior to the sharp increase
in the number of vaccines children receive today, although
even prior to this recent AUTISM explosion, MERCURY could
still have been the culprit, because MERCURY has been in
vaccines since the 1930s.

"The incidence of early-onset-type autism has not changed
since Dr. Kanner first described the affliction . . . in
1943 . . . Rather, it is the later-onset-type that has
suddenly appeared and exploded across the developed world .
. . When first identified, both disorders (Autism and
Asperger's Syndrome) were extremely rare, occurring in only
one out of every 2,325 children born. But all this would
change very quickly. In the early 1990s, the incidence of
autism suddenly exploded -- with 1 in 500 U.S. children
developing full-blown autism. The Autism Society of America
estimates that today 1.5 million Americans suffer with the
disease. Today about 1 in 150 are born with some kind of
brain development disorder. That's a 600% increase in the
incidence of autism . . .

"Studies tell us that by the time they are 6 months old,
most children are getting 111.3 ug of MERCURY from
vaccines. That's 36 times the safe limit set by the . . .
(EPA). By their first birthday, most children will have
gotten an unbelievable 48 times that limit. Up until age 2,
the brain is undergoing its most rapid period of growth and
development, so it is astonishing that so-called experts
would expose children to a substance KNOWN TO HARM BRAIN

"Mercury levels are 10 times higher in the brain than in
the blood. And vaccines contain another brain-toxic
substance that is now getting a lot of attention: ALUMINUM.
It's been proved that aluminum, when combined with mercury
increases the toxicity of both metals. Ironically, both
elements are thought to play a major role in most of the
neurodegenerative diseases - like Alzheimer's, dementia,
Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). Even so, the
medical industry remains largely oblivious to the danger.

"Recently, an explosive memo surfaced during the discovery
phase of a lawsuit against vaccine manufacturer Merck
Pharmaceutical Co. The 1991 letter was from Merck
scientist, Dr. Maurice Hilleman. In it, he informed the
head of Merck's vaccine division that children were getting
a total dose of mercury 87 times higher than the safe level
set by the FDA at the time. After that memo, not only was
no action taken to lower the dose - but even more MERCURY-
containing vaccines were introduced, raising mercury levels
to over 100 times FDA limits for toxicity and 150 times the
EPA's safety level!

"But the FDA and CDC, which were actively promoting the
new vaccine schedule, did nothing. Meanwhile millions of
infants and small children were being exposed to known
toxic doses of mercury. At the time, we knew that not all
children were equally affected by mercury injections. Some
experienced minimal damage -- but many were devastated. We
now suspect that children destined to develop AUTISM have a
genetic defect that makes them more susceptible, possibly
by interfering with the body's ability to eliminate or
detoxify mercury.

"At one point during this three-year Congressional hearing
on AUTISM, Congressman Dan Burton pointedly asked the head
of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, how many studies
confirmed the harmful effects of MERCURY. She replied that
there were over two thousand. Next he asked her how many
studies showed thimerosal to be safe. She hesitated and
then meekly mumbled: 'NONE.' Only an insane person would
propose using a known toxic compound in children's vaccines
with absolutely no studies to determine its safety! . . .

"For over three decades, experts KNEW that injected or
ingested MERCURY accumulated in the brain. That's because
mercury is fat-soluble and the brain is composed of 60%
fat. So the brain will hold on to this mercury, possibly
for a lifetime. . . Some vaccines still contained a full
dose of thimerosal as late as 2003 . . . Today, every flu
vaccine STILL contains a full dose of MERCURY. . . in 2000,
researcher Dr. Thomas Verstraeten (who was an employee of
the CDC at the time) conducted an extensive study . . . He
found that children receiving vaccines containing
thimerosal had a 248% increased risk for developing
neurodevelopmental disorders such as AUTISM. . .

"Dr. Verstraeten's study clearly illustrated a dramatic
increase in neurological developmental disorders in
children exposed to MERCURY-containing vaccines. It also
showed that adding more vaccines only worsened the problem.
But for some strange reason, his findings were not released
to the media following the conference. The doctor's
analysis remained TOP-SECRET. . . it would be almost four
years before he published his findings, in the journal
Pediatrics in 2003. . ."

"The CDC's vaccination advisory committee, the American
Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family
Physicians and the Public Health Service . . . announced
that there was no convincing evidence that any harm was
caused by LOW-levels of thimerosal in vaccines. But pay
close attention to their use of the words 'LOW LEVELS.'
These medical professionals were well aware that exposures
ranging from 200 to over 300 ug of mercury - like those
being given to vaccinated children - were hardly 'LOW-
DOSE.' In fact, these were extremely high doses.

"Vaccine cheerleaders lost a major battle when Congressman
Dave Weldon forced the CDC to allow two independent
researchers - well respected geneticists Drs. Mark and
David Geier - to examined the . . . data . . . What they
found surprised even them. They discovered that children
receiving thimerosal-containing DtaP vaccines had:


"The Geiers also found that occurrence of seizures
increased 60% in the MERCURY-exposed children. . . They
found that male children were 17 times more likely to be
affected than female children. And this is similar to the
pattern we see in AUTISM cases worldwide. The finding that
testosterone increases MERCURY'S toxicity on the brain
explains this gender pattern favoring male children. . . "

To be continued . . . . .

Editor: Those wishing to do more research into the
relationship of vaccines to AUTISM, can visit

For thirteen years, this editor has been teaching that God
built into each of us, an immune system, that was designed
by God to protect us from the germs, viruses and bacteria
of this world. This immune system is made up of living
cells that are kept strong and functioning properly by
consuming mother's living breast milk as babies, and a
predominantly living (raw) vegan diet (with lots of
vegetable juices) following weaning. Through the years,
hundreds of women have adopted this basically living foods
Hallelujah Diet that we here at Hallelujah Acres have been
teaching. As a result, they produced healthy Hallelujah
babies, and refused to have their children vaccinated. Some
of these children are now over 10 years of age, and though
they have never received vaccinations, they have not
experienced the diseases vaccinations are supposed to be
necessary to provide protection from. In fact, most of the
mom's with Hallelujah children report that other than an
occasional runny nose or mild fever, usually while
teething, their children have not been sick, been to a
doctor, nor have they experienced the symptoms of autism.
There are two systems available to each of us today. I call
them the World's Way and God's Way. And as for me and my
house, we are going to continue to follow God's Way! How
about you? Which way are you following?

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