Sunday, May 24, 2009

Genealogy Trip to Blue Creek

Today I traveled up Blue Creek looking for signs of my roots. There was only one cemetery, Kennedy Cemetery, although there were a dozen churches. It was interesting to drive through the wooded lanes imagining what it must have been like when there was virgin timber and the creeks were the roadbeds. An old railroad track peeked out from under the forest floor occasionally. It's really different up there where there's no room for hay fields, barns, or tractors. Only small garden plots and hillside goats. True hill country. I saw lots of rhododendrens.

A Mrs. Skeen at the Goshen Cemetery in Kentuck, where I went to check on my grandparents graves, told me that she heard of people working the Underground Railroad in Kentuck where the Huttons lived. This adds to my theory that my Huttons are descended from the Quaker Hutton brothers, since Quakers are famous for their work in the Underground Railroad.

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