Monday, September 11, 2006

Life's Mirror

Here's a song I penned after attending the funeral of a dear friend from my government job--Jeannie Baker. Jeannie, this is for you.

Life’s Mirror

Death is like a mirror, it shows on your face

What you’ve done for others, how you’ve shown His grace.

I want my life to reflect the goodness He’s shown me,

So when others see me, they’ll see Him.

A friend of mine lay stately in a coffin made by man--

Framed by satin, scented with roses.

Her face was a reflection to those standing ‘round.

Of the deeds she’d done and the kindness shown.

Now when my life is through, what will it be--

A reflection of Jesus, or just me?

The mirror of my life will show who He is

And who I am in Him.

1 comment:

Alice said...

What a beautiful tribute to your coworker. My condolences.

Alice Meadows