Friday, July 28, 2006

Simple Life

I’ve decided it is definitely time to simplify my life. At my age (undisclosed), if I haven’t used it in 10 years, I probably will never use it again. Therefore, I am downsizing my cabinet supplies to make things easier to find, clean, store, and use. It is simply not necessary to keep 3 cans of half-used bathroom spray when I haven’t used it in 10 years (or more). I do, however, have an extra cabinet in the garage where I may store things I rarely use just in case I decide later that I do need them. After all, we live 30 minutes from the nearest town, and sometimes needs arise.

All my life, I have hoarded things, not willing to give them up if they still have a useful life. Now, however, I find the desire to hoard abating. In its place is a desire to live simply, peacefully, on less, doing less, having less, saving less—a restful feeling. I hope it stays.

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Jan said...

I'm feeling the same way, Jill. There's an awful lot of stuff cluttering up my house and it has to go!