Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged for a meme (whatever that it is) by Jan at The Work of Her Hands. Here goes:

4 Jobs I have had in my life:

I worked at Public Debt right out of high school. Then I got on at DuPont, but I quit to
stay home with my first child. I volunteered at the Christian School for 15 years for free tuition, with a break when my second child was born. When my husband lost his
job, I went back to work. I now work as a Youth Activities Director and Afterschool
Director at a local church. I just got on at the Post Office a few months ago.

4 Films I can watch again and again:

Anne of Green Gables series
Back to the Future Trilogy
Mary Poppins
Sound of Music

4 Places I have lived:

I was brought home to a little beginner home in Vienna, WV
I spent the rest of my childhood in a home my dad built on a farm in Murraysville, WV
My husband owned a home in Davisville, WV, when I met him.
We moved to a farm in Cutler, OH, to raise our kids in the country.

4 TV Series I watch:

Little People, Big World (I like that show, too, Jan. They do so many interesting things.)
Old Comedy reruns like Andy Griffith, Green Acres, I Love Lucy, Beverly Hillbillies
Monk (He's my favorite detective)
Sherlock Holmes (He's my second favorite detective)

4 places I have been on Holiday:

Niagra Falls (3 times including my honeymoon)
Florida (2 times, once in a moving van, the trip was paid for by the mover)
Texas (again in a moving van, our daughter's furniture)
Libraries and Cemeteries (my favorite off-line places for genealogy research)

4 Things I Do everytime I get on the net:

Check regular email
Check Bloglines
Read the news online, including obituaries
Check my bank balance on weekdays, update websites on weekends

4 things I would not eat for anything in the world

Bugs of any kind
Pets (We went to a friend's house one time and they cooked her pet rabbit for dinner. Waaaah!)
Road Kill (even though some of it looks really fresh)
Leftovers found in my grandson's car seat (He stores food there for convenience later)

4 places I would love to be right now:

Jan said, "Talking and visiting with Grandma." (Did that Thursday)
Jan said, "Sitting on my mom’s porch in the early morning, chatting and drinking
coffee, enjoying the peace that I feel when I’m there." ( Me too, except I would be
eating watermelon. )
Jan said, "Sitting beside Jody and comparing the verses Grandma had underlined in
my Bible with the verses she had underlined in Jody’s Bible." (I love to spend time
with my brother, Eric, working on computers or playing music. )
Jan said, "Singing with Steven, amazed at how beautiful his voice is." (I love to sing
and play music with my kids and grandkids.)

4 people to tag
Eva at
No Name Creek
Josiah at Josiah's Loud Life
(The only two other people I know who blog)

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