Saturday, September 30, 2006

Yard Work--Before and After

This is what my yard looked like before I started on it. My riding mower wouldn't start and I couldn't start the Lawn Boy by myself. Virgil and Josiah have been working out of town, so it was up to me. Mom loaned me her electric mower, so I got started on it.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Baby Stuff

I think I'm the first one to go shopping for Amber's expected "blessed event." I couldn't resist the fluffy lamb and the cotton knit blankets.

Ronni with Nathan Alexander

Here's the wee one on Virgil's side of the family--Veronica's son Nathan Alexander.

Rear-end Collision

Here's what happened to my car last Sunday afternoon. I stopped, but the Ford F150 full of furniture didn't. I have some whiplash but otherwise, I just have a bruised ego. My van was so pretty, now it's sad. Hopefully, I'll get it fixed soon.

Baby News

I'm having trouble posting pictures, but I have to post this news.

I'm going to be a grandma again! Amber will have her third in the spring, so Kylie and Luke will have a wee one to play with.

Also, my niece Ronni, had a little boy Nathan Alexander three weeks ago. I will post a picture of him soon.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Link to Family Bluegrass Gospel Site

Check out my new blog for our famiy singing group. It will feature articles about our group, profiles of members, and a calendar of events.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Horseback Riding

Can you believe I get paid for doing this? As Youth Activities Director at a local church, I enjoy all the benefits of the activities I design for the kids, from canoeing to skiing. Of course, sometimes it's the breaks, too, like when I fell and sprained my wrist rollerskating last winter.

Avoid Phone Trees

How to Avoid Having to Navigate a Company's Endless Phone Menus

Tired of having to waste 30 minutes or more, just trying to get a real person on the phone every time you call a large company?

There are ways to bypass the frustrating automated menus that most all companies now use.

(And did you know that some companies actually monitor how hard you press your phone keys, or how aggressively you respond to voice prompts, to identify "problematic" customers?)

Bringo!, also known as, allows users to choose the company they wish to call, and the site will dial the company, navigate the phone tree for you, and call you when an operator or customer service rep is available. It costs nothing and can save you loads of time.

You can also try the GetHuman database, which has instructions on how to reach a real human at a long list of companies.

Freakonomics September 3, 2006

Bringo! (

Friday, September 15, 2006


On a walk to see the neighbor donkey.

A Taste for Watermelon

I think it runs in the family. Here are the kids at a picnic in the park.

Prize Watermelon

Here's my grandkids with my friend, Anna's prize watermelon. She thinks it may weigh 100 lbs.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Life's Mirror

Here's a song I penned after attending the funeral of a dear friend from my government job--Jeannie Baker. Jeannie, this is for you.

Life’s Mirror

Death is like a mirror, it shows on your face

What you’ve done for others, how you’ve shown His grace.

I want my life to reflect the goodness He’s shown me,

So when others see me, they’ll see Him.

A friend of mine lay stately in a coffin made by man--

Framed by satin, scented with roses.

Her face was a reflection to those standing ‘round.

Of the deeds she’d done and the kindness shown.

Now when my life is through, what will it be--

A reflection of Jesus, or just me?

The mirror of my life will show who He is

And who I am in Him.